Walter Mitty, Me, and Iceland

Welp, after a week in Iceland I am finally getting a chance to write this. The task of folding linens can be done later, as there is coffee to drink and an epic moon-rise to be viewed. My first glimpse of the Northern Lights may even be possible. However, more on my present situation later.

Let me first say; welcome to yet another travel blog.

Just know that I am getting soaked.

The Skógafoss. Just know that I am getting soaked.

Everyone travels. It’s impossible to remain entirely completely stationary unless pressure sores are your thing. Even the dreaded trip to Secretary of State counts as traveling (ef that place…seriously). For me, traveling goes beyond an apathetic building where you wait 90 minutes to hear your number just to pay $18 for a license renewal.

Here is the long story short: after the illustrations were complete for book #1 of my graphic novel, I left Savannah, Georgia, my jobs, packed up, said goodbyes, and flew to Iceland (plenty of planning and decisions were made through this time, but that’s boring stuff).

Who cares, right? Bloggers do this all the time. This gives us the chance to read, “Get Royal Treatment in Dubai for Cheap” or, “The 10 Most-Awesomest Things I Did That You Never Will”. I didn’t begin this for the money…well I did…but also to make connections and to volunteer and/or to see as much of the planet as possible.

It must also be said that this is not a blog-rip-off of, “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty”. Really. I saw the movie after buying my ticket to Reykjavik. Yes, Ben Stiller and I are basically twins and I’ve skateboarded since I was 16, but that’s beside the point.

The coast of Vík.

The coast of Vík.

Back to the present. I am volunteering in the town of Vík, the southernmost village in Iceland. There have already been some amazing people and sights along the way. Now that you know the what, where, and why of my plan, I feel that the purpose of this blog is complete. Thank you for reading, and look forward to more content soon.

Oh yeah, one last thing before I go…

Welcome to yet another travel blog.   🙂

P.S. I also have a Facebook account that you can follow to hear more and view more updates at

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6 Responses to Walter Mitty, Me, and Iceland

  1. Farnaz says:

    Interesting! Can’t wait to see whats coming next.


  2. Iceland? Andy, that’s fabulous. The daughter of a close friend spent all summer there last year and just loved it. She’s traveled all over the world and says Iceland is her favorite place. She’s planning to re-visit soon, she made a lot of friends there. Hope you’re having as much fun as she did.


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