Cows, Cottages, and the Coast of Iceland

This view never gets old

This view never gets old

“Andrew, you’re traveling southern Iceland. Other than sightseeing, what the hell are doing there?”

That’s your current thought, and it has been all day. I am sure of it. Call it a special ability, sense, or even a lucky guess, but I just know…and I’m glad you asked.

Most of you have probably already guessed, but I’ll elaborate. While exploring Iceland, I’ve been living a dream come true; seeing amazing landscapes, the northern lights, sunrises, sunsets, glaciers, and the coast. I’ve been embracing the life I wish to lead and focusing way more on writing.

The means of my moseying: Milking cows and maintaining cottage houses.

38 cows. 7 cottages. 1 me. Game on, Holmes.

Well hello

Well hello

Those who know me probably did not know I was experienced with creatures of the bovine variety. You would not have known that because I don’t. Luckily the owners and other volunteers have been quite helpful in showing me the way. After just two weeks, Icelandic natives donned me “The Cow Whisperer”.¹

Most jobs have manuals or guides. My tasks are not difficult per se, but can be time consuming. However, no manual or guidebook prepares you for that first shitty cow-tail slap to the face. There’s really nothing like it. And when it happens, you feel lower than the owner of the flailing tail.

Cozy coastal cottages

Cozy coastal cottages

Cow-shenanigans notwithstanding, there are perks to the job: meeting travelers staying at the cottages, working with other volunteers, and getting milk straight from the source. Of course there is beautiful scenery because……IT’S ICELAND!

1. NOTE: This sentence is totally false.

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2 Responses to Cows, Cottages, and the Coast of Iceland

  1. No. says:

    Ha. Cow slapped. Must be interesting!


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