The Beauty

Consciousness, awareness, matchlessness

Everything which can be perceived…

Is beautiful

With any sense, at any time, at any stage

We are beings of creation and return

Knowledgeable, wise, and complex

In a place so intricate we cannot grasp the simple, or the colossal


The eternal fabrics continue weaving

Beings continue existing

Knowing not why, knowing not how

Yet we are the only ones capable of this confusion

Precise balances allow for life

It is the greatest success of the heavens


Astounding, enchanting, mesmerizing

Exactly as they should be

Beauty is not in the eye…beauty is the eye

It is harmonious, ever changing, never still


The beauty of our existence is change

Promoting our relative existence

Nourishing our entire existence

It never desires more, or less

It is the material, the component


We adhere and avoid

It is all we can do

Forms continue to multiply and recede

The stars blaze while our hearts beat on

All is as it is


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