Travel Documentary Teammates Needed

Hey hey everyone, and happy new year!

This blog post is a call out for anyone willing to work with me on a long-term project that will require travel, commitment, as well as wishing to create positive change.

Put simply, I wish to create a travel documentary with a more creative approach.

High up in Yosemite National Park

I’m looking for teammates equally inspired and committed who would like to see the world, while helping the world.

Here is the general outline, but it’s still a work in progress:


A 40,000 mile journey showing the human condition as it is. Viewers will see the world through the lens of the traveling filmmakers. Humanity is examined by sights and sounds of natural and manmade beauty.

Story Summary/Synopsis:

Leaving comfort behind to show the amazing world we live in, the aim is to educate and inspire. This expedition will cover all types of terrain, such as historical routes, natural beauty, and urban jungles. Though the people who inhabit them will be the focus throughout the film.

The story will be centered on the hardships and victories we encounter while showing viewers the varied ways of life that exist on our beautiful planet.

The journey will be taken by me and a team of highly motivated individuals by foot, bike, boat, and airplane (if needed). Once the journey is complete, the photos, videos, and travel narrative will be paired with music and poetry to create one cohesive work of art.

Sunny Day in the Czech Republic

Sunny Day in the Czech Republic

Topic Summary:

We are living in a time with much political and cultural strife. With the refugee crisis, as well as the ongoing prejudice our world has, people need to see a wider perspective.

We as humans are all one, despite how different another may seem. We must understand that even these differences do not make one superior or inferior. Conflicts and wars continue, when what the world really needs is awareness and education.

Through my years of traveling through 16 countries, my purpose changed from wishing to see the world, to wishing to help the world.

Without explicitly asking the questions, I wish to prompt viewers to ask themselves:

  • Why do social divisions exist?
  • What is my reason for doing what I do? Is it fulfilling for me, or for others?
  • Have a constructed my own purpose, or was it constructed for me?
  • Why does history continue to repeat itself?
An Evening in Savannah

An Evening in Savannah

I’m hoping to begin in July or August, though this is a rough estimate.

Feel free to contact me here or by e-mail for details, as there are many:

arupp513 at

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57 Responses to Travel Documentary Teammates Needed

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  2. Kirstyn Renall says:

    Totally keen!


  3. ana ung says:

    What kind of people should your teammates be and what skills do they need to join you? I am a video editor and a humanity lover. Is this enough?


  4. Amanda says:

    Interested to hear more. I have travelled a lot and care immensely about the planet and humanity. I have no film or video skills other than my own personal travel photos through 40 odd countries. Can also cook & cater 😊


  5. Paddy Dine says:

    Sign me up! I NEED to see and help this beautiful world we live in. Plus I have a bachelor in film production haha. Definitely keen!


  6. Emma Jackson says:

    This sounds exactly something we would love to be a part of! I work in and studied conservation. We are interested in sustainability, the environment and helping people. I have been travelling for 3 years and want to continue to do so for as long as possible! I want to do more to help others and our planet and this would be a fantastic thing to be a part of… My email address is and I am currently in New Zealand. We would both love to be a part of this.


  7. sam says:

    I am a photographer and photojournalist currently living in vietnam and I would love to help out!!

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  8. kerrie says:

    This sounds and sums up where I am and would be keen to find out more please.


  9. Pratik dagaonkar says:

    Sounds awesome. Please share more details


  10. This idea is huge and the rewards to those involved life changing. Best of luck to your project if you are in need of a part time photographer who can also shoot video . I work in the film industry in LA but I am also a mother so being away for long periods .. LMK if you need help this cocept is awe inspiring .
    warm regards ,
    Marsha Blackburn La Marca


  11. sebastian says:

    I’m a DOP that lives in Kuala Lumpur. Tell me how to help and i’m in.


  12. Aude says:

    Hi i m totaly interested in ur project
    I just come back from brazil had amazing experiences there….i m more of a spiritual traveler but did some amazing retreat in south of india thailand brazil france ect…. i m french but i m living in perth australia …i love people and i love doing pictures of them or landscape…
    I would love to know more of ur project
    I m looking forward to hear from u
    Lots of love


  13. Sandra Focseneau says:

    Can someone also work independently if you told them what you neeeded from them? Ill be hiking in Northern Thailand in July through the hilltribes villages up there. I take beautiful pictures, I’m told, but I could do more if I knew what you’re looking for. Or I could meet someone there. I’ll be in Asia all summer travelling south from Thailand to Lombok.


  14. Ashley Dowds says:

    Great idea Andrew-I think humanity needs healing! I’d love to know more about framing the content. I’m a TV presenter in South Africa.


  15. Pamela Reid says:

    Are you looking for billeting on your travels? I’m in Southwestern Ontario Canada. Let me know if you make it this way. Have space, and like to support by giving a place to rest, wash, and eat.


  16. Christian Mulder says:

    This sounds awesome! When will we leave? πŸ˜€


  17. Lindsey says:

    This sounds like an amazing adventure! This would be a dream!


  18. lisa says:

    I so hope to see your end product and to share it. It is definitely true, that we need a western if not global shift in awareness about the human condition..making a film about a real journey through the diversity of human experience shared via social media will make a very exciting contribution to such a shift. Anything that will help people remember what’s important, my guess is it’ll be simple truths that have got lost among the,love,joy. Lisa x


  19. mediaeghbal says:

    Hey, I started my travel blog a few years ago with a similar initial aim as you – to keep my friends and family up to date with a sabbatical I took. Since then my passion for travel and photography has continued and so has the blog! Would be keen to explore anything more around travel/photography/writing etc (I have an editorial writing background for a living) even if it is a short term teammate for some of your project.

    You can check out my blog at and a lot more of my travel photos are there via a link to my Flickr too.


  20. I have emailed you Andrew !!


  21. noreenmcg says:

    Sounds amazing! Best of luck with it!


  22. Matt says:

    Avid professional photographer with equipment…. Would love to help with what I could


  23. ruth says:

    I am an artist firstly, but have a background in working with Refugee communities in education
    and health. I have lived and worked in Asia on development projects NGO mostly. I am a keen photographer and video person, but my real passion is building relationships with people.

    On the practical side: Can you e-mail details around, things like cost, funding? etc…Thanks rion and Thanks so much.


  24. Ciara says:

    Hi Andrew

    Sent you through a little email πŸ™‚


  25. Basia says:

    I’m super interested! How do we connect?


  26. Anisha says:

    Do you have a Facebook or twitter account too? Because, interested!


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  28. Aakanksha says:

    As much as I would love to travel and be a part of this fabulous journey (I am sure it would be so), I believe the cost factors are going to be surprising.
    Anything we can do to help from wherever we are, fire away !
    Good luck.


  29. Maggie says:

    I can’t beeilve I’ve been going for years without knowing that.


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