How to Build a Home

Hello again, and apologies for the delay in recent posts. My time was divided exploring the Scottish Highlands, writing a children’s story, reading Philip Pullman’s, “His Dark Materials” trilogy (highly recommended), then I got the flu, and then…okay…enough excuses.


The beauty of the Highlands

Humans place labels on most everything, even if be it subconsciously. Despite my efforts I still fall into this dangerous habit. Even now, it’s likely you are categorizing this blog’s introductory paragraphs……and though I’m not there with you, I can only expect that you are loving it and will share it with all your friends…

Categorizing, classifying, labeling…these slippery entities appear in our brains before we know they’re there; causing the push and the pull that comprise our lifestyles, ultimately leading us to where we are right now. This is true even on the global scale.

I’m sure I’m not alone in expecting the labels placed upon myself are positive, upbeat, and/or sexually flattering.

That said, I do know one thing: those who know me know I’m a handy man. You know, someone who can fix anything, who can take apart anything and put it back together. This is why people have labeled me as, “Mr. Fix-It”.

It strikes me odd seeing as I given no reason for them to think such.


Dog-sitting on the summit

Hm…it’s also odd that no one thinks that. This is likely because I’ve given them no reason to think such.

Now that I think further, that label was never actually given to me…

The blog’s introduction now being sufficiently voiced, the body cometh next. After reading, you will then understand my graceful command of the house-construction craft. For your benefit, I’ve created a recipe to successfully build a home. Each ingredient will be paired with a photo for maximum benefit.


One House

You’ll Need:

  • A Location
    • The Scottish Highlands, with their beauty and mystique, seems suitable

      “This’ll do”


  • Professionalism
    • A well-balanced team of knowledgeable authorities is a must

      Trained professionals though licenses are pending…


  • Work Ethic
    • Houses don’t build themselves. Competence must be paired with fecundity

      Already thinking of the next house we’ll build


  • Motivation
    • With any large undertaking, realistic goals must be made with the right amount of entrusted incentive


      Incentive obtained


Mix these ingredients together and over a span of time, let’s say 6-84 months, you will have exactly one house…two if the weather permits.

So you see, building a house has the same structure as writing a blog:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

A strong introduction equals a solid foundation. A solid foundation creates an adequate subject matter for the body. And an adequate subject matter yields……I lost my train of thought, so here are some more photos. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading! For more updates photos, and videos, you can follow me on:

Facebook: Andrew Rupp

Instagram: nomadicbeing

Twitter: @nomadicbeing

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4 Responses to How to Build a Home

  1. Mom says:

    Ha..funny. The pictures add to it too!


  2. Andy, so glad to see you’re continuing your wanderings. The Scottish Highlands sounds like a marvelous place to build a home. Solitude and beauty.


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