About Me

Nomad, Writer, Student

Old Soul, Child at Heart, Dreamer.

Welcome, my name is Andrew Rupp. Quick things about me:

  • Originally from Michigan
  • Have been to 17 countries, currently in Scotland
  • Writer of poetry, a graphic novel, blogs, articles, reviews, short stories, and song lyrics
  • Look way too similar to Ben Stiller
  • Have traveled mostly solo, but am open to others wishing to join my travels

In 2015 I left my jobs to focus on traveling and writing. I created this blog for these reasons:

  1. So that my family, friends and followers are able to view my experiences.
  2. So that my travels, volunteer work, paid work, and/or writings can encourage unity with the recognition of our duality.
  3. To bring awareness of global issues that need attention; large or small.

Facebook: Andrew Rupp

Instagram: nomadicbeing

Twitter: @nomadicbeing

Although I am one experience, one entity, one voice…I wish to share it with you. Expect to see blog posts, photos, reviews, and poetry.

Thank you for following me on my journey.


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